Service Professionals Network (SPN)

Joining the Service Professionals Network (SPN) is the best way to build your brand and audience online. SPN members engage on every social media platform and this social networking site can help you grow on any platform. Join (or create) groups, engage and make friends that can and will help you in SPN and beyond. The only real rule is the Golden rule!

The Service Professionals Network (SPN) helps people get jobs, build their business, and raise money for good causes. Michael (Mike) O’Connor, a life-long social networker and entrepreneur, is building SPN to help others do it better. Read this press release to learn more about the benefits to joining SPN:

Our goal is to help people with build their brand and learn through social media. Let us know how to best help you reach your goals. Do this by joining the SPN social media groups and engaging with other members. We have members that engage in both the LinkedIn SPN and Facebook SPN groups.

Join the SPN social media groups, so you can grow there too. The Service Professionals Network has a lot of people that have been there and done, so ask for help. We all follow the Golden Rule and pay it forward.

SPN also really does try to help people with their nonprofit marketing. Therefore, it makes sense to join our social media groups to raise awareness about your nonprofit.

Here are the top 10 benefits to joining SPN

  1. The biggest and only real rule in SPN is the Golden Rule.
  2. You can advertise and promote your brand or causes on this site like you would any other major social media site.
  3. It’s a FREE way to build your brand and drive more trffic to your website and social media pages.
  4. If it’s a Win-Win it’s #SPN. SPN is built on win-win marketing & networking.
  5. We have thousands of people in SPN including C-level executives, social media influencers and thought leaders.
  6. We encourage you to network and share your content in our social media groups. You can share in SPN groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  7. Our members like to help. Therefore, the SPN social media groups are a great place to get answers, advice, and feedback.
  8. There are a lot of people that know how to make money online in SPN, so you can learn quickly.
  9. SPN reviews: SPN does reviews on books, nonprofits, movies and others things SPN members are doing. Join the group, share project and we may review it.
  10. We pay it forward and give back to charity through our Amazon sales. Over 50% of our profit through Amazon sales go directly to charity.
  11. SPN grows through social media engagement and sharing great information.
  12. The Service Professionals Network can help you grow on everywhere.

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